Fact Sheet for March Of Industry

Game Title: March Of Industry

Description: Comrade, we are most impressed with your new weapons factory. By combining our various natural resources such as coal, tin, and vodka you have created many unusual weapons. The politburo has found your mass production of Vladimir Putin's gym shorts to be particularly deadly. Politburo asks you increase production... or perhaps you enjoy mandatory vacation to gulag.

Genre: Crafting meets Clicker meets Tycoon meets Perestroika

Game Status: Released.

Price: $9.99

Release Date: October 7, 2015

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


Game Website: MarchOfIndustry.com

Trailer: YouTube link (720p source is available in the press kit)

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Contact Developer: PR@ArchiveEntertainment.com - Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to do an interview about the project!

Developer: Archive Entertainment

Developer Bio: Archive Entertainment is a small indie development team from Seattle, Washington. Archive Entertainment's last title, 8BitMMO, is also their most well known with over 750,000 registered users and major awards including Seattle Independent Game Competition Winner and at Tokyo Game Show's Sense of Wonder Night won the award for Best Technological Game. Archive hopes to have continued success with their new title, March of Industry.

Archive Entertainment was founded by Robby Zinchak. Previously a Producer at Microsoft, he has also led game creation at Capcom and Midway, producing titles such as Final Fight: Double Impact, and FLOCK!. He is now working full time on March of Industry in Seattle. Robby has a long history with games: he wrote his first one at age ten on a cutting edge 16-color PC. Since then he has continued to create games while retaining that same pioneering spirit.